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Code of Ordinances

  • 00 - Tourist Commission Ordinance
    An ordinance providing for the creation of the Jackson Parish Tourist Commission.
  • 00 - Noise Ordinance
    An ordinance banning excessive noise or amplified sounds from vehicles or other sources in Jackson Parish, Louisiana and providing penalties thereof.
  • 00 - Communication District Ordinance and Amendments
    An ordinance providing for the creation of the Jackson Parish Communication District, prescribing and defining the boundaries thereof and otherwise provide with respect thereto.
  • 01-0129-01 - Cell Tower Ordinance
    An ordinance regulating telecommunication towers and antennas, providing for the issuance of permits for the construction and use of said antennas, providing penalties for the violation of said ordinance and providing for matters related thereto.
  • 01-0511-2009 - Gate City Sewer District
    An ordinance of the Parish of Jackson, State of Louisiana, creating the Gate City Sewer District; providing for a board of commissioners to govern said district; appointing the original members to said board of commissioners; providing for the effective date thereof; and otherwise providing with respect thereto.
  • 01-0619-2017 - Subdivisions and Mobile Home Parks Development
    An ordinance regulating the development of subdivisions and mobile home parks within Jackson Parish and providing for matters related thereto.
  • 02-0312-01 - Minimum Design Standards for New Roads for the Jackson Parish Road System
    The objective of this ordinance is to establish the criteria whereby the Builder or Owner of a new road may have the new road accepted into the Jackson Parish Road system.
  • 02-0712-2010 - Dangerous Dogs Ordinance
    An ordinance defining dangerous dogs, defining vicious dogs, providing requirments for the ownership of dangerous dogs, providing actions that must be taken when a dog is declared vicious and providing for other matters related thereto.
  • 03-0409-2007 - Jackson Parish Museum and Fine Arts Association Board Ordinance
    A Jackson Parish Museum and Fine Arts Association Board be created within the territorial limits of Jackson Parish. The board shall extend throughout all of the territory of the parish of Jackson The board shall be a political subdivision of the state of Louisiana created to establish, maintain, operate, and support public museums and related facilities with the parish.
  • 03-1102-1998 - Nuisance Ordinance

    An ordinance to provide for the mowing of vacant lots, the removal of debris from vacant lots and for the destruction, after notice, of vacant or dilapidated property that is unfit for human occupancy, providing a lien for the payment of costs and providing for other matters related thereto.

  • 03-1106-00 - Heavy Hauling Ordinance
    An ordinance requiring a written permit to haul heavy loads/products on parish maintained roads and bridges.
  • 03-1110-2008 - Nuisance Ordinance Amendment
    An ordinance of the Jackson Parish Police Jury amending the Jackson Parish ordinance as reflected in ordinance no. 03-1102-1998 as amended on May 31, 2006 providing for additional penalties and providing for matters related thereto.
  • 04-1213-2010 - Alcohol Ordinance
    Amendment to Jackson Parish liquor ordinance adopted October 5, 1992 as amended in ordinances adopted February 1, 1994, June 7,1999 and May 11, 2009
  • 07-0813-2007 - Notice to Sellers Ordinance
    On ordinance requiring the providing of notice by sellers of immovable property to purchasers of immovable property located in Jackson Parish, Louisiana, providing an effective date and providing for other matters therto.